News Trials, Movies & Your Advice 🚴‍♂️

Dear friends,

I hope this message will find you all in good health despite the current situation. I take this opportunity to give you some news about my sports season, my shows, my movies among other things. Have good read !

To get things straight, all events has been canceled (competitions and shows) until mid-sommer, at least for now.. But things seem to slowly get back to normal and events are getting organised later in the year and I really hope to be able to compete and perform shows later in the year. Finger crossed !

On my side, I am ready to ride 😉 The winter preparation was nice and sweet, put aside some complications with "inside" workouts as you can imagine. But if we are looking for solutions, we always find them or alternatives to deal with. Here's an example of a home-made "cave" training to replace the casual training center:

This year, I've focused more on the endurance side of preparation with cross-country cycling and a bit of trail running. In the gym, I've focused especially on core strength. The results are good. My transition from 20 to 26 inch is getting more fluid now. Here's a little video of recent trainings:

Aside from competitions and shows, I've put A LOT of energy into creating high quality movies, (both short film and full-length) in adventure trials. Things are going really well and my team and myself are putting a lot of energy into finding TV, Cinemas and/or conferences to present these films. I presented a premiere of the short film "Ramdam in Soca" during an evening in my hometown in February this year:

During this winter, I've literally spend weeks with my friend Loïc Vuillème to give my other film "Ramdam in Iceland" a final touch. A got to a stunning 52 min. of pure adventure. More on this on a next article. For now, enjoy this short gif:

I need your advice ! Here's how you can help:

If you have any suggestions to help me share my films for TVs, Cinemas, Conferences Spaces and so on, please give me your feedback/advice/suggestion by contact me via the contact page. If you have any personal contacts that could help me spread my films to the next level, I would be thrilled to hear from you.

All the best and take care.
Much love,