To produce a high-quality shows, ​we need to
perform with an amazing team

Jérôme Chapuis

Ramdam founder, Trials athlete

Jérôme Chapuis is one of the most successful Trials rider in Switzerland and internationally. A was competing in the World's Top-10 for several years and got the "Athlete of the Year" Award in 2011 when he got his Swiss Champion title in the Elite category.

Kevin Crupi

Parkour athlete

Kevin is a professional stuntman for Xtrem Factory and a successful Parkour teacher. He started Parkour at age 14 and now he enjoys travelling around the world to improve his skills. He joined the team in 2016.

Jimmy Ertzer

Street Trials athlete

After several years of training in bike and motorcycle trials, Jimmy decided to combine his skills together with tricks, spins and flips. His unique style in the air naturally brought him to practise Street Trials. Backflip is his favourite trick.

Pierre Sturny

Unicycle Trials & Flat athlete

Pierre is one of the most successful unicycle rider of his generation. With his recent World Champion title in the U24 category in 2018, he is considered as a master of his sports art. The shows he can perform with just one wheel is absolutely breathtaking.

Loïc Vuillème

Trials athlete

Loïc takes part in national and international competitions for several years. He also enjoys sports adventures in nature, always taking with his trials bike with him. He is a great showman and likes sports experiences high in adrenaline.

Caryl Cordt-Moller

Parkour athlete

With just 18 years old, Caryl is a young promised athlete in the Parkour world, performing around the world in various events. He's part of the « Xtrem Move » team with his friend Kevin with which he very often share trainings and Parkour tips.


Our shows are a mix of balance, control and power of different sports. Our athletes are selected among the best in the world to provide a unique and high-level experience. Our shows interact perfectly with the public while being impressive.


We possess a wide range of material together with a van and a trailer, both built with rooftop platforms. Our structures can quickly be assembled together and produce adapted solutions for our clients needs. Our material has been built to be flexible depending on the surface area available.

Surface area

We are very adaptable when it comes to surface area because our material can be adapted and moduled according to varying surface areas. However, to organize a good show, we need at least a 12m x 8m sufrace. This can vary depending on the show you want. Most of the time, we'll enjoy a surface of 10m x 10m or  20m x 20m max.

Athletes and sports

Ramdam athletes come from different sports. We like synergy and we often mix pleasures by combining different sports into our shows. And the public love it ! Our sports are Trials Biking, Parkour and Unicycle Trials.

Audio & micro

Every of our shows are performed with audio, micro and music. So, we will need a 230V socket to plug our material.


The show duration can vary depending of your request and the audience at your venue. However, we always keep a good intensity in our shows, that's how we do it. Generally speaking, we perform between 10 and 30 min. for one show. Of course, we generally perform several shows throughout the day(s).

Trio Trials & Parkour

Bio Agri, Granges-Verney

Duo Trials & Parkour

Free4style, Estavayez-le-Lac

Duo Unicycle & Bike Trials

GP St-Sylvestre, Villars

One-Man-Show Trials

Antidote Festival, Yverdon-les-Bains

Duo Trials & Parkour

Open Sky, Fully

Trio 100% Parkour

Bio Agri, Granges-Verney

Duo 100% Parkour

Company event, Villeneuve

Duo Street Trials

Bio Agri, Granges-Verney

Duo Street Trials

Journée Mobilité, Tour-de-Peilz


With friends, Champvent

Just for fun ! Duo Trials & Parkour

With friends, Lausanne

Duo Trials & Parkour

Alle, Jura Suisse

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